The Black & Vice Social Club is an alternative rock band based in Skopje, Macedonia that expresses itself through intense, energetic, contemporary rock music. Inspired by personal experiences, outer surroundings and random occurrences, the band deliveres powerful and raw performances to intense rock songs with meaningful lyrics. Founded in 2013 and active in its current lineup since the fall of 2014, the band has released one studio album under the name “Until the road is a dead end” in December 2015, followed by a short promo tour around the Balkans, as well as numerous shows in their hometown and other cities around Macedonia. The album was nominated for Best Album at the 2016 Macedonian Alternative Awards. Two songs from the album, “Alone and Alive” and “World of Pain” were featured as soundtracks on the movie “Lazar” by director Svetozar Ristovski. Their latest single called “Црна Црква” (meaning Black Church) was released on the 31st of January, 2017, five days before the headlining show at Zemjotres (Earthquake) Festival, one of the biggest festival shows in Macedonia. “Црна Црква” reached the number 2 and 3 spots at the local radio charts. Written in Macedonian language, the song rightfully represents the contemporary underground rock music from the Balkans. With its eerie, unsettling vocals and powerful choruses, it truly represents the band’s artistic direction and expression. It was made, recorded and produced by the band members and is also the band’s first video. The newest release from The Black & Vice Social Club is their latest single and video called “Home”, featured on our homepage, so check it out!

  • Adi Imeri / 
    Lead Vocal, Guitar
  • Blagoja Antovski / 
  • Gorjan Stojmenovski / 
  • Stefan Stojchev / 
    Bass, Back Vocals
  • Simon Peoski / 
    Guitar, Back Vocals



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